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Tutustu oppilaisiimme

Sykkiikö oma sydämesi kansainvälisyydelle tai tunnetko perheen, joka palaisi halusta saada kansainvälisen kokemuksen koko perheelle, omassa kodissa?

Etsimme omistautuneita isäntäperheitä ottamaan ulkomailta Suomeen saapuvan nuoren osaksi arkeaan ja elämäänsä lukuvuoden tai lukukauden ajaksi.

Tutustu oppilaisiimme ja inpiroidu ainutlaatuisesta mahdollisuudesta saada uusi perheenjäsen ulkomailta!


Pongpijak "First"

Name: Pongpijak "First"​
Year of birth: 2005​
Home country: Thailand​
Languages: Thai, Japanese and english​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022

Science is his favorite subject since he was a child and he is also into chemistry. Pongpijak also like music class and his hobbies are playing bass guitar and doing research about history. He can speak three languages, Japanese, Thai and English. ​

Why does Pongpijak want to go on an exchange?:
"The reasons why I want to study in Finland is because of its modern style of education. It also has rich culture and it is having high educational standard and lastly, one of the world's happiest countries.This probably the first time that I going to study abroad and I hope to gain more experience, learn the local language, culture and more."​

Greetings from Pongpijak:
"My name is Pongpijak Suwanthada my nickname is First and I’m 15-years-old.I live in Chiang Mai Thailand with my family. We are three in our family, my mom, my sister and me. Currently, I’m a Y9 student and I am in the Intensive English Program of Sarasas Witaed Chiangmai School here in Thailand."​



Name: Lotta
Year of birth: 2006
Home country: Germany
Languages: Finnish, German and English ​
Period of stay: November 2021 – June 2022​

Lotta really likes fashion and art and likes to draw and sketch. She is a cheerleader and enjoys skating as well. Her favorite subject in school is English, sports and art. She also enjoys spending time with her family and they often go for walks, play games together or watch movies together. She is open to new adventures and likes to go outside with friends and meeting new people.

Why does Lotta want to go on an exchange?
"I’d really like to go to Finland for a year because it is one of my two home countries. My dad is Finnish and my mom is German. I would also like to know what it is like living there because I maybe want to move to Helsinki when I’m older to study art and be an artist. I am also very interested in the Finnish culture and I hope that you could maybe teach me something about it. After the exchange year I hope that I will have more experience with living abroad, that I know more about Finland and the Finnish culture and that I’ll have some new friends. I also think that I might grow as a person."

Greetings from Lotta:
"I am very excited to become a part of your family and getting to know you guys. I also hope that I can maybe teach you some German/Bavarian culture, for example food or the original way Bavarian people dress. I am very excited and can’t wait to meet you!"



Name: Kaori
Year of birth: 2004
Home country: Japan
Languages: Japanese and English ​
Period of stay: January 2022 – June 2022​

In Japan Kaori live with her mother, father and younger brother. She love to dance and to paint. She started dancing when she was 15 years old and she is a memeber of the art club in her school. She also love music and her favourite music group is BTS.

Why does Kaori want to go on an exchange?
"The reason why I want to study abroad in Finland is I want to know why Finland has ranked higher for a long time in the World Happiness Ranking. Now, Japan has ranked around the middle of the world for a long time, so I go to Finland, and I want to learn that we need to live with happiness. And I want to make the most of the experiences, and I want to be a psychotherapist and help many people in the future. Another reason is that I love Finland so much. I have never been there yet, but I know nature in Finland is so beautiful".

Greetings from Kaori:
"During studying abroad program, I would like to make many friends and experience Finnish cultures. I could hear that the education of Finland is so good, and Finnish peoples' personality is similar to Japanese people, so I want to experience those too. By participating this program, I would like to make good memories with host family and experience many new things in Finland. I am looking forward to meeting you!!"

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