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Sykkiikö oma sydämesi kansainvälisyydelle tai tunnetko perheen, joka palaisi halusta saada kansainvälisen kokemuksen koko perheelle, omassa kodissa?

Etsimme omistautuneita isäntäperheitä ottamaan ulkomailta Suomeen saapuvan nuoren osaksi arkeaan ja elämäänsä lukuvuoden tai lukukauden ajaksi.

Tutustu oppilaisiimme ja inpiroidu ainutlaatuisesta mahdollisuudesta saada uusi perheenjäsen ulkomailta!



​Name: Finn
Year of birth: 2006
Homeland: Germany
Languages: German & English
Period: August 2022 - December 2022

Finn live with his parents in Germany and his hobbies include reading, he is particularly interested in classic literature, thrillers and ya books. Finn also like drawing and playing the piano. Finn love music and this is something he is always excited to learn more about. Apart from that he like spending his free-time going on walks with friends or watching movies/tv series on Netflix. He don´t have any pets in Germany but would love to have a cat one day.

Why does Finn want to go on an exchange to Finland?
"I imagine going to school in Finland to be a very different experience.
That is a) because studying abroad is always different and exciting and
b) because lots of studies and stuff talk about how great the Finnish educational system is, so I just had to experience it first hand. Finn in Finland, as my friends would say. I also chose Finland as my destination because I like the people, the culture and the nature (as much as you can like them, when you‘ve never been to a country before). I thinks of the Finnish people as very tolerant and very kind people."

Greetings from Finn:
"Hello, I‘m Finn (Finn in finland) I am currently 15 years old and from west Germany. I consider myself an introvert but I‘m very optimistic about the prospect of meeting new people and making new friends, especially from other countries- mainly Finland, of course. I think it‘s a great country with great people in it (although my friends may say it‘s way too cold up there, I quite like that idea since I‘m not particularly fond of heat/summer)."

See Finns video presentation here.

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