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Sykkiikö oma sydämesi kansainvälisyydelle tai tunnetko perheen, joka palaisi halusta saada kansainvälisen kokemuksen koko perheelle, omassa kodissa?

Etsimme omistautuneita isäntäperheitä ottamaan ulkomailta Suomeen saapuvan nuoren osaksi arkeaan ja elämäänsä lukuvuoden tai lukukauden ajaksi.

Tutustu oppilaisiimme ja inpiroidu ainutlaatuisesta mahdollisuudesta saada uusi perheenjäsen ulkomailta!



Name: Hazel​
Year of birth: 2003​
Home country: Belgium​
Languages: Dutch and English ​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022​​

Hazel love animals and she do horse back ridning 4 times a week. Hazel also love to be create and she like to sew, crochet, embroider , bake and paint. Hazel like to be outside in the nature and to take photos of nature. Music is also something that Hazel is interesting in, especially playing ukulele and piano. ​

Why does Hazel want to go on an exchange?:
"I chose to do an exchange program because I want to broaden my field of view and get a better understanding of another culture. It´s an experience that can teach you a lot I believe. I want to get to know another language and culture. I also further want to develop my social skills and independence. I chose to live with a host family because I think it is the best way to really get to know the culture, you can introduce me to the country and I can introduce you to Belgian culture. I also want to say that I am very gratefulanother familywould want to give a home for a schoolyear! "​

Greetings from Hazel:
"My character can be described as friendly. I am also very open-minded, something I believe is very important when going on an exchange. At home I have learned to be independent and responsible. One of my strengths is that I learn new things quickly, so that comes in handy when learning a new language. Another thing I believe is a strength is that I have a lot of dreams and goals and I really want to live life to the fullest!"​



Name: Hana​
Year of birth: 2003​
Home country: Japan​
Languages: Japanese and English ​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022​

Hana is a kind girl with an easy-going personality. She has many interests: sports like skiing and snowboarding, she has taught herself to play the guitar, and plays it in a band with friends. She loves to read books and she is into computers. She saved up money to buy all the parts to build her own computer. Her dream is to become a computer system engineer or to teach computer programming to children.​

Why does Hana want to go on an exchange?:
"My interest in studying abroad started when I visited a primary school in England at the age of ten. I was curious about the differences compared with my school in Japan and wanted to study someday in a school outside Japan. I am really excited about experiencing Finnish lifestyle, which is completely different to my life in Japan. I want to learn how people in Finland think about gender roles and education. I want to see the midnight sun and the northern lights, the darkness of deep winter, and I am also interested in learning kantele music. Above all, I want to try to be a true member of the host family which has agreed to let me stay with them!"​

Greetings from Hana:
"Hello! I´m Hana. Thank you very much for letting me stay with you in Finland. I am looking forward to meeting you and spending time with you. I truly hope that it will be a wonderful experience that both you and I will never forget!"


Name: Chikara​
Year of birth: 2003​
Home country: Japan​
Languages: Japanese and English ​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022

Chikara is a very kind boy, that loves to spend time with his family and friends, and together with them he likes to go out or watch a movie. He is very curious and likes to read books to learn new things, he has numerous comic books in his bedroom. He also likes to play board games like for example "shogi" (Japanese chess), which he plays together with his brother. He also likes sports; he is a member of the badminton club of his school.​

Why does Chikara want to go on an exchange?:
"I want to go to Finland because I want to learn how people in Finland live and experience their lifestyle, and I also want to learn the language and be able to speak Finnish well after my year as an exchange student."​

Greetings from Chikara:
"Hello! I´m Chikara and I come from Japan. There are many things that I would like to experience while in Finland, so I am really looking forward to come and meet you!"


Name: Miho​
Year of birth: 2004​
Home country: Japan​
Languages: Japanese and English ​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022

Miho is a 16 years old girl from Niigata, Japan. She lives together with her parents and her older sister. One of her biggest passions is basketball, infact sha has been playing it since elementary school, and she thinks it is very fun to play it together with her friends. She also likes listening to music, and she has three favourite bands: PTS, One Ok Rock and Ed Sheeran.​

Why does Miho want to go on an exchange?:
"The reason why I chose to go to Finland is beacuse I just love Finland so much! When I was a small child I went to Finland three times and I was impressed by the beautiful nature they have there and the Northern Lights. During my exchange program in Finland I would like to make new firends and to learn all about Finland and Finnish culture, and I will be happy to tell you more about Japan if you like."​

Greetings from Miho:
"Dear future Host Family, I am really greatful that you are willing to open your house to me and to welcoming me into your family. I can´t wait to come and meet you and I am sure that this experience will be great with you! "



Name: Rebecca ​
Year of birth: 2004​
Home country: Italy​
Languages: Italian, Spanish and English ​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022​

Rebecca is an athletic and active person. She love playing sports and working out. Currently, she do Jiu jitsu, which is a Brazilian martial art. She enjoy doing sports that are considered rough and male sports, because she like proving that she is just as capable as other people in succeeding in these sports .Another one of her hobbies is listening to music. She find it very relaxing, in any situation and she do not have a favourite genre, so she listen to different types of songs.​

Why does Rebecca want to go on an exchange?
" Ialways found Scandinavian countries fascinating and, once I did a little research, I decided I absolutely wanted to go to Finland, because it had many characteristics and traits that I love and because of the type of educational system it has. One of the things I look forward to is learning the language because I would love to go back to Italy knowing a completely new language, that no one would be able to understand. I also cannot wait to discover the completely different lifestyle they have in Finland and all the local traditions and customs."​

Greetings from Rebecca:
"I'm a determined, confident and strong-willed person. I like to see the positive side in every situation and I love experiencing new things. I'm a very competitive person, that is probably why I grew up loving sports or any activity that keeps me active and moving. I work well under pressure and I have no problem following rules. Also, having three younger siblings helped me become independent and responsible at a young age."


Name: Mosé ​
Year of birth: 2004​
Home country: Italy​
Languages: Italian and English ​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022

Mosé did practice figure skating for many years in his childhood and he also like ice hockey. In his free time he like watching TV series and movies and playing video games. He also like hanging out with friends, travel and taking pictures. Mosé love winter and snow. Mosé has both cats and dogs at home in Italy.​

Why does Mosé want to go on an exchange?
"I chose Finland because, since I was a kid, I have always been in love with the northern countries, I think they have the best landscapes in the world and I also think they have a great culture, and I really want to learn more about it. I also think Finland has got one of the best school systems in Europe, and I would definitely love to try it. When I tell people that I am going to Finland they do not believe me because all the exchange students usually choose destinations like the USA or the UK, but I chose Finland because I have always been a bit out from the crowd and I love challenges, and I think Finland will be a great one."​

Greetings from Mosé:
"I'd like to spend as much time as I can with my host family, I'd like to share new experiences ,do lots of activities with them, build a great relationship with all the members and learn about their traditions. With my high school I'd like to share my improvements and also build a good relationship with my classmates and teachers, and I also hope school will help me learn more about the Finnish culture. I'd describe myself as a pretty people-person, I love meeting new people and learning about their personalities, even if at the beginning I may be a little bit shy, shyness usually goes away quite fastly. I am also an open-minded person, I am really receptive to a wide variety of ideas and arguments. To conclude I would also like to say that I am a generous, adaptable, and kind person."


Pongpijak "First"

Name: Pongpijak "First"​
Year of birth: 2005​
Home country: Thailand​
Languages: Thai, Japanese and english​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022

Science is his favorite subject since he was a child and he is also into chemistry. Pongpijak also like music class and his hobbies are playing bass guitar and doing research about history. He can speak three languages, Japanese, Thai and English. ​

Why does Pongpijak want to go on an exchange?:
"The reasons why I want to study in Finland is because of its modern style of education. It also has rich culture and it is having high educational standard and lastly, one of the world's happiest countries.This probably the first time that I going to study abroad and I hope to gain more experience, learn the local language, culture and more."​

Greetings from Pongpijak:
"My name is Pongpijak Suwanthada my nickname is First and I’m 15-years-old.I live in Chiang Mai Thailand with my family. We are three in our family, my mom, my sister and me. Currently, I’m a Y9 student and I am in the Intensive English Program of Sarasas Witaed Chiangmai School here in Thailand."​



Name: Lotta
Year of birth: 20046
Home country: Germany
Languages: Finnish, German and English ​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022​

Lotta really likes fashion and art and likes to draw and sketch. She is a cheerleader and enjoys skating as well. Her favorite subject in school is English, sports and art. She also enjoys spending time with her family and they often go for walks, play games together or watch movies together. She is open to new adventures and likes to go outside with friends and meeting new people.

Why does Lotta want to go on an exchange?
"I’d really like to go to Finland for a year because it is one of my two home countries. My dad is Finnish and my mom is German. I would also like to know what it is like living there because I maybe want to move to Helsinki when I’m older to study art and be an artist. I am also very interested in the Finnish culture and I hope that you could maybe teach me something about it. After the exchange year I hope that I will have more experience with living abroad, that I know more about Finland and the Finnish culture and that I’ll have some new friends. I also think that I might grow as a person."

Greetings from Lotta:
"I am very excited to become a part of your family and getting to know you guys. I also hope that I can maybe teach you some German/Bavarian culture, for example food or the original way Bavarian people dress. I am very excited and can’t wait to meet you!"

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