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Olisitko valmis toivottamaan vaihto-oppilaan tervetulleeksi kotiisi tai tunnetko jonkun muun asiasta kiinnostuneen? Haluaisitko päästä tutustumaan uuteen kulttuurin ja saada elinikäisen ystävän? Etsimme omistautuneita isäntäperheitä ottamaan vastaan Suomeen eri maailmankolkista saapuvia vaihto-oppilaita. Ilmoita täällä meille kiinnostuksestasi ryhtyä isäntäperheeksi. Ilmoitus ei luonnollisestikaan sido sinua mihinkään.

Joka vuosi Suomeen saapuu oppilaita ympäri maailman. Isäntäperheenä saatte tietenkin valita, kenet nuorista toivotatte tervetulleeksi kotiinne, joten lue lisää ja tutustu vaihto-oppilaisiimme nähdäksesi, sopisiko joku heistä hyvin juuri teidän perheeseenne!

Ilmoittaudu myös infotapaamiseemme, jossa kerromme lisää isäntäperheenä toimimisesta. Lisäksi voit lukea meiltä usein kysyttyjä kysymyksiä ja aiempien isäntäperheiden kokemuksia vaihto-oppilaasta kodissaan.



Syntymävuosi: 2008

Kotimaa: Saksa

Vaihtokohde: Suomi

Kielitaito: Saksa, Englanti

Vaihdon kesto: elokuu 2024-kesäkuu 2025

Kuka on Emily?

Emily is a 15-years old girl who lives in Frankfurt with her mom and dad. She is an openminded person who are willing to try new things. She is curious about the world and easily makes new friends, often over shared interests. She can be a little shy at first, but ones you get to know her, she has no problems with open up. Her friends would describe her as an intelligent, humorous and modes person. ​

After school and on weekends Emily enjoys spending time on her hobbies and with her parents. Her favorite thing to is reading, create art and play video games. Her parents believes in her and are convinced that she will be a great addition to the new family.

Miksi Emily haluaa lähteä vaihtoon?

Emily want to do her exchange year in Finland because she think it is a good country to study in. She also see the culture and cold weather as a bonus. Her interest in Finland begin in the local finish community which is also active in the family's church.

Greetings from Emily:

" I look forward to meeting you!"


Syntymävuosi: 2007

Kotimaa: Saksa

Vaihtokohde: Suomi

Kielitaito: Saksa, Englanti

Vaihdon kesto: elokuu 2024-kesäkuu 2025

Kuka on Christina?

Christina is 16-years old girl from Germany. She lives with her parents and older brother in a house. She also have an older sister, but she doesn´t live at home. She is a friendly and open-minded girl who loves to try new things. ​

When you first meet Christina, she can be a little shy, but ones you get to know her she gets communicative and friendly. On her free time she usually spend time with family and friends. She loves to paint and do handcraft work. She also enjoy to read and write, and on weekends she play table tennis at the local club.

Miksi Christina haluaa lähteä vaihtoon?

Christina would love to go to Finland because of the unique school system and the beautiful landscape. She is interested in different countries and languages, and she also heard that people are very friendly there.

Greetings from Christina:

"… I’m really excited to meet you all! ​So, I’ll say heippa and goodbye!​



Syntymävuosi: 2008

Kotimaa: Alankomaat

Vaihtokohde: Suomi

Kielitaito: Hollanti ja Englanti

Vaihdon kesto: elokuu 2024-kesäkuu 2025

Kuka on Kate? ​

Kate is a 15-years old girl who lives in Holland with her mother. She describes herself as direct and curios, who loves to meet and interact with new people. She is a trustworthy person with a lot of dedication. If she says she´s going to do something, she also does it. ​

Kate is an active person who goes to the gym 1-2 times a week, She also loves to practice ice figure skating and baseball. She has an interest in writing and drawing and enjoy writing short stories and spoken word.​

Miksi Kate haluaa lähteä vaihtoon?

When Kate was younger, she always watch the Moomins and dreamt about living there. Since she was a child, she became fascinated by the strong winters and pretty springs in Finland. She also heard about the finish school system and finds this very interesting. She loves to learn more about her favorite topics in school.​

Greetings from Kate: ​

"I love to go to new places and meet new people and new cultures. That's also why I really want to go to Finland. I am curious about the language, which I'm already learning, and also very curious about the people and culture.​
Greetings, Kate"

Haluaisitko kuulla lisää?

Olisitko tai olisiko perheesi kiinnostunut toimimaan isäntäperheenä Suomeen saapuvalle vaihto-oppilaalle? Haluaisitteko kuulla lisää toiminnasta tai onko teillä herännyt kysyttävää toimintaan liittyen?

Täytä alle yhteystietosi, niin olemme sinuun yhteydessä.