Vaihto-oppilasohjelmat, 14–18-vuotiaille
Postia maailmalta – tutustu vaihtareihimme


Mitä kerrottavaa vaihtareillamme on menniestä vaihto-ohjelmistaan? Mitä on jäänyt mieleen, mikä oli parasta, mikä aiheutti ongelmia?

“You have to experience the school spirit!”

School in the USA and back home are like night and day in comparison. What I miss most is their high school spirit. To join with the rest of the students and teachers and support the school team i something everyone should experience. Be open to all sorts of activities – it will give you a lot.

Henric Engström, exchange student USA

“Bom dia, Flor do Dia!”

It’s amazing to see what can happen if you just let it happen! Suddenly I was a part of this warm and exciting culture and just went with the flow. I didn’t know the language at all and had to rely on dictionaries and phrasebooks the first months. But one of my strongest and dearest memories was from one of my many sweaty bus trips, when I said something like “in my country” and she totally surprised exclaimed “are you not Brazilian?!”

Tua Sandholm, exchange student Brazil

“This is once in a lifetime”

During my stay in Canada I have learnt so much and got to meet a whole different culture. If you are sitting back home and wondering if you too should go – just do it. This is once in a lifetime, you will never get the same chance to experience a new culture in this special way.

Elin Winberg, exchange student in Canada

“The best I ever could have done”

USA for a full year was the best I ever could have done. I lived in a little nice town in eastern Kentucky with a wonderful family that quickly took me to their hearts. I experienced many new and thrilling things and got friends for life. So don’t hesitate. Begin the adventure of your life!

Karin Hallgren, exchange student USA

“I’ve learnt so much”

During my year in France I have experienced so much that I would never have had the chance to live through back home. To have lived with a new family and begun a new school has strengthened my self confidence. I feel like I could manage anything now.

Viktor Sjöblom, exchange student France

“A fantastic year”

My year in Italy has been fantastic! I have learnt a new language fluently and got an Italian family that I will feel like a part of for the rest of my life. I thankfully had the courage to go and I recommend everybody to do the same!

Carin Blomberg, exchange student Italy

“The adventure of my life”

You live in a little bubble of happiness. Just think of starting your life again in a new place. It’s hard when you don’t understand the language, but as you all know – you learn from your mistakes. If you’re looking for the adventure of your life, go for a high school year in Spain!

Johanna Dahl, exchange student Spain

“You’ll love the Aussie lifestyle!”

This year my life was changed in a positive way. I have become more open, kind and helpful. I have new friends for life and a second family. You will love the relaxed Aussie lifestyle, their kindness, language and openness in a nation of many possibilities!

Amanda Nilsson, exchange student Australia