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Jessican, 17, vaihtovuosi USA:ssa

Thu Sep 07 2017

Jessica palasi juuri kotiin vietettyään vaihto-ohjelmansa USA:ssa. Pääsimme kyselemään Jessican kuulumisia ja vaihtoajan huikeimpia hetkiä!

Nimi: Jessica
Ikä: 17 vuotta
Kotikaupunki: Würenlos, Sweitsi
Vaihtokohde: Winamac, Indiana, USA, 2016/17
Oma blogi:

Jessica kertoi meille aluksi suunnitelmistaan lähteä vaihtoon:

Doing an exchange year has always been in the back of my head and when I finally decided to sign up and start with the application process I couldn’t wait to finally go abroad. Of course, I was a little scared and nervous since I had never been away from my family for so long, but not only do you learn about another culture when abroad, you also learn a lot about yourself and mature a lot. I would definitely recommend other people to go on an exchange year!

The best advice I can give for people who have their exchange year in front of them is to keep themselves busy to avoid homesickness. Definitely join a sport or a club right when you get to school. That way you will find friends and it will make the beginning of your year so much easier. Be open to new things, talk to people even if you are a little shy and enjoy every moment, because the time flies by very fast.

Sitten kuulimme hieman Welcome Campista New Yorkissa vaihto-ohjelman alussa:

The STS Welcome Camp in New York definitely prepared me more for my exchange year. We really talked about everything and we were able to ask all our questions. We talked about our fears and expectations and got some tips and tricks.

I made some of my first exchange student friends there. I’m still in touch with them today and hope I will see them again soon. We also went into New York City for some free time and other activities that STS planned. It was a lot of fun! The campus was really nice and American. It was definitely an awesome start to my exchange year.

Jessica kertoi koulustaan:

The high school was the best thing about my experience. I got to choose the subjects and classes that I wanted, which is very different from school in Switzerland. The teaching is also very different. It was a lot more personal and you talk and discuss about the different subjects rather than just receiving a paper and filling it out.

The school spirit was amazing! Everyone is super supportive of each other and it was a lot of fun. For me, the classes were very easy so I took the opportunity to focus on things outside the classes, like sports and other extracurricular activities, such as the spring musical. It may not have been exactly like High School Musical but it was definitely a very unique experience that I enjoyed a lot.

ja tietysti kuulimme myös Promeista:

The prom was really fun! I actually got a huge surprise – my parents came all the way from Switzerland for the weekend and it was so great to have them experience this with me. I got my hair and makeup done and then it was time for a photo session with all my friends. Our prom was at a small castle and it was beautiful. They served really tasty food and there were many different activities and games going on throughout the night to win prizes. But it was definitely the people I spent prom with that made it so fun and memorable. It’s truly an American experience.

Muistoihin olivat jääneet myös ylimääräiset retket vaihtovuoden aikana:

I went on the arranged STS and Belo trip to Hawaii. It was definitely the highlight of my exchange year and if you get the same opportunity on your exchange year, all I have to say is: sign up! We saw and did so much. We went surfing, sightseeing, shopping, visiting Pearl Harbour and lots more fun stuff. I went with other exchange students, but also met a lot of new people that I am still in touch with.

I also went to Chicago with my local coordinator and it was such a beautiful city. We visited different tourist areas and ate the famous deep-dish pizza.

During my Spring Break in March my host family took me to Florida. We drove 19 hours all the way from Indiana and had such a great time! We were swimming in the ocean, we went snorkelling and went on a dolphin cruise and saw dolphins. It was a great week spent with lots of laughter and great weather.

Kiitos Jessica! Toivomme sinulle kaikkea hyvää jatkossakin!

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