A unique opportunity that ended too fast

We had high expectations when we picked up our student at the airport on a cold January morning. She was talkative and happy from the beginning, and it felt like we had known each other all life. We spent a lot of time together her whole exchange and since we don’t have any children ourselves, she became the one telling us about everything she experienced at school and with friends. She became family immediately and the time passed too fast. Before we knew it, it was time for her to go home again. It was a unique opportunity that ended too fast. Therefore, we have now chosen to welcome another student to our home.

Haluaisitko kuulla lisää?

Olisitko tai olisiko perheesi kiinnostunut toimimaan isäntäperheenä Suomeen saapuvalle vaihto-oppilaalle? Haluaisitteko kuulla lisää toiminnasta tai onko teillä herännyt kysyttävää toimintaan liittyen?

Täytä alle yhteystietosi, niin olemme sinuun yhteydessä.